Life . Love . Music

Chicken Coup Records
DCD 7016

$20.00 (2CDs with S&H inside US) - $25.00 (2CDs with S&H outside US)


Fresh and hotter then ever, the “organ marvel”, the “monster B3 player”, the “organ phenom” - one of the best B3 Players in the world - is back with his first studio recording in six years. To ‘blow it up’ more it’s a limited-edition double CD set with some of the best Tony Monaco tunes he’s done over his incredible career; Buckle Up! Special Thanks: God, Dad, Mom, Teresa, Marino, Nicole, Brian, Addison, Christina, Jon, Daniela, Magic, Rosita, Michael, Anthony, Santino, Darby Christensen, Kip Sullivan , Peter Gontha, Italo Leali, Howard Stone, Linda Dachtyl, Bill Heingartner and all my fans and friends, Hammond-Suzuki, Mr. Suzuki, Tachi, Dennis Capiga, Guido Scognamiglio, Blue Note Japan, Hammond Italia, Hamtech, Rumba Cafe, Lonnie Smith (The Organ Doctor, Anderson Indiana), Paul Dankmeyer, John McClure and Marco Montaruli. Very Special thanks to Asako for your incredible energy and giving me renewed hope! God Bless you all and thanks for the best life I can have to Celebrate.


1. Daddy Oh (Jason Brown & Tony Monaco) [3:54]
2. Aglio e Olio 2012 [4:29]
3. Indonesian Nights [5:54]
4. Happy Sergio [7:25]
5. U nresolved [3:41]
6. You Rock My World Asako [5:54]
7. Just Give Thanks and Praise (vocal) [4:29]
8. Bull Years [5:42]
9. Ninety Five (Ken Fowser & Tony Monaco) [4:34]
10. It’s Been So Nice To Be With You [4:01]
11. I’ll Remember Jimmy 2012 [3:37]
12. Called Love (vocal) [6:08]
13. To Be Continued [2:49]
Total Time 62 minutes

1. Acid Wash [7:07]
2. Backward Shack [6:01]
3. Ya Bay BEE [3:56]
4. Ashleen [5:40]
5. Katarina’s Prayer [5:57]
6. Pasta Faggioli [6:25]
7. Takin’ My Time [9:37]
8. Blues for T [6:03]
9. Rudy and the Fox [3:57]
10. S low Down Sagg [12:26]
Bonus Track:
11. Just Give Thanks and Praise Instrumental [4:23]
Total Time 71 minutes

Monaco and team blend outstanding sounds of classic Hammond B3 organ greats with modern and swanky sensibility to please a variety of jazz tastes. Hailed previously by JazzTimes as a "monster B3 player", Tony Monaco's "Celebration: Life, Love, Music" continues to showcase this Hammond heavy hitter at his finest and is his first studio album since 2006's "East to West".
Jazz Times - by Kathryn Ballard Shut