Paesanos on the New B3

Summit Records
DCD 400

$15.00 (with S&H inside US) - $20.00 (with S&H outside US)


Paesanos on the "New B3" is a classic, really. Forget first the fact that your hearing the first recordings of Hammond-Suzuki's newest baby, the digital B3, which is truly amazing itself! But here my trio and I get an opportunity to record with my friend and rightfully top ranked monster jazz organist Joey Defrancesco and his trio for an action packed, no bull, fun recording as we celebrate and execute a nice CD. We recorded the whole thing in about 3 ½ hours, all one takes except for one! I think this recording will always remain a classic as it marks the new digital organ age!

Tony Monaco, Organ, Accordion
Joey DeFrancesco, Trumpet, Organ
Robert Kraut, Craig Ebner, Guitar
Byron Landham, Louis Tsanmous, Drums
(Recorded on December 18, 2002)


1. Pasta Faggioli (Monaco)
2. Homily (Monaco)
3. Katarina's Prayer (Monaco)
4. Flat Tire (Monaco)
5. Mona Lisa
6. MMozzarella (Monaco)
7. Aglio E Olio (Monaco)
8. Oh Marie
9. Waltz of the Angels (Monaco)
10. Interview with Pete Fallico's Doodlin Lounge (live)
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Fans expecting a duel between organists Tony Monaco and Joey DeFrancesco will find this album more of a love feast. In addition to the organists' Italian-American heritage, both play the new, digital-technology Hammond B3, which has replaced its vacuum-tube predecessor, the standard among jazz organists until it went out of production in 1974. The new B3 reproduces the sound of the earlier model almost perfectly.
DeFrancesco, who revived jazz-organ playing in the 1980s may be appearing here to help spread the message about the lesser-known Monaco. Monaco, who has three other trio albums out on Summit, holds his own without letdown against the younger DeFrancesco. In fact, it's difficult to separate the two on this album. The pick of the performances is Monaco's "Katarina's Prayer," a slow gospel number in 6/8. This is almost as sanctified as you can get outside an actual church service. "Mona Lisa," the only pop standard on the album, gets a swinging, Count Basie-style treatment. Monaco's "Flat Tire" gives the trios a hot tempo to contend with, and on "Waltz of the Angels" he straps on the accordion for a trip back to the old country.
Monaco's trio includes guitarist Robert Kraut and drummer Louis Tsamous. DeFrancesco's includes guitarist Craig Ebner and longtime drummer Byron Landham. Everyone cooks expertly on this soulful trip home.
JazzTimes - by Owen Cordle