Now you can easily take private lessons with Tony (whether in person or online). Tony teaches students at all levels and can either take place at Columbus Sound Studio or Live Online. Private lessons in the studio may even include recording a demo. Lessons are filmed for you to preview and reference the lesson afterwards! Email Tony at tonymonacolessons@gmail.com for further questions and to schedule your lessons.

Whether Live online or in person, countless students have benefited as his personal approach and experience gets results. References and details can be provided directly from Tony!

Tony also continues to give educational clinics and workshops around the world as teaching is definitely one of his passions and gift! Please email Tony at b3monaco@aol.com if your interested in having Tony give one of his clinics or longer term workshops. His vast knowledge of the music business gives him many topics and subjects to teach from, whether it be about the Hammond organ, keyboards, music/recording business, rhythm section and combo ensembles, and/or performance. As a matter fact, Tony started one of the first ever Hammond Organ instrument in a Bachelor degree program in either performance or education at Columbus Capital University!

Here are some examples of his Clinics and Workshops given:

  • How to play the Hammond Organ i.e. Setting up sounds and playing various styles including voicings and bass lines to those sounds.
  • Playing Hammond Organ Live with the band. Here Tony shows how to play in the group setting. He encourages instrumentalists along with the drummers and guitarists, on how to play in the organ group setting.
  • Jazz Music Theory: In this Clinic, Tony explains the theory behind the chords and scales most often used by organists to get that sound so well respected!
  • Music Business 101: Here Tony explains the do's and don'ts to marketing your self and designing a model for success in the ever changing music business.
  • Combo / Ensemble and Vocal: Tony's vast experiences allows him to teach all levels and entertain and motivate his classes of all levels.


Tony is now teaching students Online as well as Semi Semester Visits at Hope College in Holland Michigan as part of the Music Program. If interested in gaining college credits while you take lessons with Tony, Email tonymonacolessons@gmail.com for more Information!


Tony's Lessons are personal, real and customized to your level! (Beginners to Advanced).
To begin lessons contact Tony at tonymonacolessons@gmail.com.

Charges Lessons start at only $60 per hour!
Payment Paypal invoicing secure (pay using credit card or Paypal credit).
Lesson Format Skype to Skype and/or more detailed/recorded lessons using a midi keyboard controller and software.
Software Internet Midi (You can Free trial your first lesson )
VB3 Organ Software (You can Free trial your first lesson)
LoopBe Free (Mac already has this technology)

Tony Monaco Online Lesson Demo

Live Lesson with Martin (Copenhagen Denmark)

Enjoy these clips from Tony's studends:
Dave Lockton (USA)
Kevin Coelho (USA)
Eric Kaplan (USA)
Leonardo Corradi (Italy)
Martin Legene (Denmark)
Neo Yamada (Japan)

Special Lesson Deals Contains Buy
Bass and Comp
2 Skype Lessons
(1 hour each)

Downloads Included:
Bass and Comp
2 Skype Lessons
(1 hour each)

Downloads Included:
Playing Jazz Hammond Part 1 & 2
Part 4 & Part 5 (Clinic)
2 Skype Lessons
(1 hour each)

Downloads Included:
Concepts to Improvisation
Play Along Set #1
2 Skype Lessons
(1 hour each)

Downloads Included:
Blues 101
Blues 102


Hi my name is Kevin Coelho and I’m an artist with Tony Monaco’s Chicken Coup Label. I’ll soon be releasing my second CD with Chicken Coup / Summit, and I’m excited to be working with Tony and Darby Christiansen, both of whom have been a great help to me in my just starting career in music.

I’ll be attending Stanford University in the fall. Tony has been a great influence on me as a musician and a person. What I gained from Tony was not only a true master’s sense of how to approach the B3, but valuable insight into the world of the music business and how I should approach my musical career in general. Tony is one of the warmest souls I’ve ever met, and not once did he hesitate to provide me with opportunities that would otherwise have been far beyond my reach. I can honestly say I would not be where I am today without him. Tony’s warm outreach and friendly manner would be a great match for any student, and I’m glad that I was able to learn so much from him in my time with him. While many musicians are protective of their work, Tony is always open to sharing and as a young organ player, I was able to pick up on so much just by watching him play. As my teacher, Tony pushed me to higher levels every time we met – including forcing me onto the bandstand over and over again, giving me experience playing with a real band on a real gig. That band turned out to be my first call trio band, Reggie Jackson and Derek DiCenzo, and I’ve never met a better couple of musicians that I could imagine myself touring with, or recording with, or really doing anything organ-related with. Ultimately my experience with Tony was life-changing, and I would highly recommend him to any aspiring organ players out there. There’s a handful of true masters of the Hammond B3 on this planet, and Tony is absolutely one of them, and at the top of my list. He gave me a lot to work with and I’m always grateful.
-Kevin Coelho

For more information, visit www.kevincoelho.com


View Tony's December 2012 Downbeat magazine master class.

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